Reputable Links



  • ElectroTheremin
    An excellent Vincent Bach source mentioning helpful pieces of information regarding trumpet serial numbers, Vincent Bach history, and product and trumpet designs.
  • Music by Joe Lill
    This website includes links that lead directly to spreadsheets of E.E. Benge trumpet from the Chicago, the Burbank, and the Los Angeles time periods—as well as other bits of interesting historical information about Benge.
  • Renold O. Schilke
    This short, 6-page ITG article gives a detailed biography of Renold O. Schilke, Sr., and the relationships he had made during his lifetime.  Other folks and/or brand names that are mentioned here are Victor Mahillon, the William Franke Company, Frank Holton & Co., Edward Llewellyn, Philip Farkas, Elden Benge, and Yamaha.
  • The Conn Loyalist
    This webpage provides a large index of various information about all Conn instruments, as well as other writings about the C.G. Conn company and its history.
  • Bach Loyalist
    The Bach Loyalist lists off several categorized articles and writings that pertain to the Bach trumpet—from Vincent Bach trumpet bell variations all the way to 1925 Vincent Bach Corporation price listings.
  • Selmer Paris Central
    This webpage provides a list of historical information about Henri Selmer trumpets, as well as “designations” for certain bores/leadpipes and descriptions of Henri Selmer trumpet models.
  • Vincent Bach — Bachology
    This archived webpage offers in-depth writings and articles about Vincent Bach and his history in the music business up until his death in 1976. The “Bachology” section talks about the different New York Bach Stradivarius trumpets, cornets, and bugles made before the 1960s; the trumpet players that played on Bach trumpets in the orchestral setting; and many other writings pertaining to the Vincent Bach Corporation during the New York production-era.

Parts & Products

  • Mouthpiece Express — Jim Fox Chart
    A mouthpiece comparison chart compiled together by Jim Fox, where he has taken a large majority of mouthpieces and charted each mouthpiece size onto a spreadsheet for comparisons in size and feel.
  • Mouthpiece Express
    Another mouthpiece comparison source, but with more added specifications and information on brass mouthpieces for better convenience.
  • The MAW Valve
    The MAW Valve: the best piston valve ever created and distributed out on the market! A revolutionary design that has better developed good intonation and overall response of the instrument, and more importantly benefits the player in all musical settings. * Only available for Bach, B&S, Hoxon-Gakki, and other select brands of trumpets/cornets.
  • M/K Drawing
    M/K Drawing provides a large source of custom-made parts to have installed on your trumpet—from main tuning slides, slide crooks, leadpipes, and more! Not to mention, they have many different material options available for slides and leadpipes that can benefit the player and the overall sound produced on their modified trumpet.
  • O'Malley Brass Instruments
    This is another valuable source providing players with more part options—such as crooks, body tubing, leadpipes, bells, and more.  Miles O'Malley is a brass craftsman, horn builder, and entrepreneur located in the South Side of Chicago, IL.

Misc. Trumpet Facts & Information

  • Maurice André
    Here you will find a large list of different makes and models of piccolo trumpets — from vintage, discontinued piccolo trumpets to more modernized, yet currently manufactured piccolo trumpets. Additionally, each piccolo trumpet comes with a small write-up on some of the pros and cons of the overall design and in the playability of the instrument.
  • Pocket Cornets
    This website contains the “world’s largest virtual museum of the smallest cornets and trumpets ever made!” It Includes several pictures to view and several articles to read about the history of certain brass makers and their brands.
  • Publications of Brand Manufacturers
    This website provides an organized listing of the different brands in the 20th century, and what each brand had to offer in terms of products and services.  Though this is being sourced from a saxophone-focused website, this page offers an abundance of information on trumpets, cornets, and miscellaneous brass accessories when looking through these older catalogs.