Bájoc “Solo” Bugle Mouthpiece


The Bájoc “Solo” Bugle mouthpiece is a “C” style cup with a livelier tone to allow for the easibility of response and projection of sound.  An excellent mouthpiece that comes in both cornet shank and trumpet shank options so it can be used on your favorite bugle.  The Bájoc “Solo” Bugle mouthpiece helps project sound across large surroundings and sounds off well for bugle calls at outdoor events.  A slightly brighter tone quality when compared to the Bájoc “Echo” Bugle.

Further specs of the Bájoc “Solo” Bugle include:

  • Bájoc Signature Series rim
  • Medium cup depth
  • .1570″ (#22 approx.) throat diameter
  • Bájoc “Bugle” backbore
  • Comes with both cornet & trumpet shank options
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In the Bájoc Signature Series line of brass mouthpieces, we offer a wide variety of designs and models that can benefit high brass players in any performance situation.  We also offer custom-designed mouthpieces made to certain specifications—for customers looking for the “perfect fit”.  At Bájoc Music, our products can take your performance to the next level.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm
Shank Type

Cornet, Trumpet

Mouthpiece Rim Size

Solo 1.25 — .675", Solo 1.5 — .670", Solo 2 — .665", Solo 3 — .660"


Silver-plated brass, SLA resin


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