Bájoc ML Series – Model I “Personal” Bb Trumpet


The Bájoc ML Series – Model I “Personal” Bb trumpet has an elaborate design layout made to Jacob’s personal liking.  This trumpet was constructed using a J. Meinlschmidt valve block comprised of commercial bronze valve casings, nickel silver upper balusters, and patented MAW valves.

The bell is made of a one-piece, hand-hammered yellow brass, side-seamed bell, which also has a steel bell bead wire and a full-radius bell bend to allow for a fuller resonance and tonal response throughout the entire range of the instrument.  It also comes fitted with a yellow brass mouthpipe, and nickel silver mouthpiece receiver.

This trumpet performs very well in a broad range of different musical settings.  From orchestral work to solo performances, the Bájoc ML Series – Model I “Personal” Bb trumpet will not disappoint.

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The Bájoc “ML Series” trumpets were designed using the finest parts made of the finest materials combined, all while integrating innovative features that were substantial in former trumpet configurations.  These handcrafted trumpets incorporate designs and concepts that derive from famous trumpet builders such as Vincent Bach, F.E. Olds, C.G. Conn, Henri Selmer, F.A. Buescher, Frank Holton, Fontaine Besson, Dominic Calicchio, Jerome Callet, Byron Autrey, and Zigmant Kanstul—just to name a few.


Some of the key features of the Bájoc ML Series – Model I “Personal” Bb Trumpet are:

  • J. Meinlschmidt custom valve block with MAW valves & nickel-silver upper balusters;
  • Bore size of .460″ (11.7mm);
  • One-piece, side-seamed, yellow brass bell and yellow brass mouthpipe;
  • Thoroughly placed and positioned finger hook to help boost acoustical resonance of the mouthpipe;
  • Strategically placed “Z-braces” on the bell and body of the instrument to bring about more acoustical and tonal improvements to the player;
  • Well-spaced body bracing to promote better projection and tonal response throughout the entire range of the instrument;
  • Nickel-silver mouthpiece receiver, outer-slide tubes, and other trim;
  • Shorter wrapped, main tuning slide crook for optimum resistance;
  • Reverse tubing featured on the 2nd valve slide assembly;
  • Inverted 3rd valve slide with an extended, “over-slung” 3rd slide ring for improved harmonics, speeded response, increased projection, and improved intonation—due to optimal bracing from main tuning slide lower-outer tube to the upper 3rd valve slide; and
  • Includes a complete set of Bájoc “Ergonomic Valve Guides” and a Bájoc “Harmonic Waterkey Plug” pre-installed


One of our primary focuses in making Bájoc trumpets is on the important aspect of promoting easibility, not only when it comes to playing the instrument, but also by how the trumpet is constructed—by assuring that we assemble our trumpets with tension-free mounting.


We strive for quality, and we are proudly made in the USA!


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