Bájoc ML Series – Model I-P Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet


The Bájoc ML Series – Model I-P Bb/A piccolo trumpet has a design derived and influenced by Byron Autrey’s concept of the perfect design for the piccolo trumpet.  He was a master in the field of trumpet design and pioneered several new areas of research and improvement through his many trials and experiments.  Byron was a big contributor to the designs that now make up the popular piccolo trumpets that come from large music companies today—such as Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, and Kanstul.

Reflecting on the artisan’s craft, we have been able to create a piccolo trumpet by utilizing the masterful skills and techniques that allow for such a high-quality instrument.  The overall result of this beautiful piccolo trumpet is a promotion of easibility, effortless playing, excellent projection, and proper functionality.

A piccolo trumpet that sounds off a brilliant, yet broad response throughout the entire range of the instrument, while giving players good acoustic feedback within any musical setting—from solo performance to chamber or orchestral appearances.  A very versatile piccolo trumpet that is made to wow not only the audience but more predominantly the player themselves.

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The Bájoc “ML Series” trumpets were designed using the finest parts made of the finest materials combined, all while integrating innovative features that were substantial in former trumpet configurations.  These handcrafted trumpets incorporate designs and concepts that derive from famous trumpet builders such as Vincent Bach, F.E. Olds, C.G. Conn, Henri Selmer, F.A. Buescher, Frank Holton, Fontaine Besson, Dominic Calicchio, Jerome Callet, Byron Autrey, and Zigmant Kanstul—just to name a few.


Some of the key features of the Bájoc ML Series – Model I-P Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet are:

  • J. Meinlschmidt custom valve block with MAW valves & nickel-silver upper balusters;
  • Bore size of .433″ (11.0mm)
  • One-piece, side-seamed, gold brass bell;
  • Two tunable mouthpipe bits with trumpet shank receivers: in the keys of Bb and A
  • Smooth radial bend into the valve block to provide an optimum amount of blow, resistance, and flexibility
  • Comes included with a complete set of Bájoc “Ergonomic Valve Guides” and a Bájoc “Harmonic Waterkey Plug” pre-installed.
  • Two deluxe design options are available from the base “Standard” model:
    • MA-I (Model I-P[MA-I]) – an exchangeable G-slide configuration installed on the 4th valve slide (longer 4th slide configuration included);
    • MA-II (Model I-P[MA-II]) – a 3rd & 4th valve slide dual trigger mechanism installed for quick slide and intonation adjustments (no G-slide included).


One of our primary focuses in making Bájoc trumpets is on the important aspect of promoting easibility, not only when it comes to playing the instrument, but also by how the trumpet is constructed—by assuring that we assemble our trumpets with tension-free mounting.


We strive for quality, and we are proudly made in the USA!

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Design Option

MA-I (G-Slide), MA-II (Dual Trigger), None (Standard)


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