Bájoc EVG Titanium Dogbones


The Bájoc EVG Titanium Dogbones are here!  We offer these as an upgrade on your current EVGs to replace the stock ABS resin dogbones.  These Grade 2 Titanium EVG Dogbones are made to improve the fitting clearances of your pistons and have consistent machining tolerances due to higher-quality manufacturing standards via wire EDM.

The finish of these titanium dogbones is lightly polished with sharp edges broken to ensure a smoother valve action and a level of lubricity similar to that of a nickel-plated valve guide.  Not to mention, these Grade 2 Titanium dogbones are lightweight and resistant to corrosion and wear & tear, all while being soft enough that they will not wear down the brass spring barrel rails.

This EVG upgrade is a perfect option for those who like the feel and response of an all-metal valve guide assembly.


Available Grade 2 Titanium Dogbone Options

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The Bájoc Ergonomic Valve Guides have been a growing success for players who have sought to improve the mechanical performance of their valve action—providing a smooth and consistent valve action.  After many requests and suggestions from EVG users and Bájoc clients, we now offer a Bájoc EVG Titanium dogbone upgrade option!

These titanium dogbones are made using Grade 2 Titanium, which offers superior benefits of long-lasting durability and resistance to wear & tear.  Solid grade 2 titanium is also extra-hypoallergenic than plated metals (i.e. nickel, chrome, etc.) and lightweight with a low-density amount than other solid metals.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art wire EDM technology, the Bájoc EVG Titanium dogbones are machined to accurate tolerances and are made with tighter fitting clearances.  These solid Grade 2 Titanium dogbones come in a polished finish to ensure a smooth valve action and a higher level of lubricity while actuating the pistons.


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