Bájoc “Echo” Bugle Mouthpiece


The Bájoc “Echo” Bugle mouthpiece is a deep, “trumpet-cornet” style, V-shaped cup that allows for a mellower tone when sounding off the bugle.  A perfect mouthpiece for when you need a more somber yet distant sound when playing the bugle, without compromising overall playability or response.  The Bájoc “Echo” Bugle works well for indoor and/or outdoor events and is an excellent mouthpiece when sounding off the “echo” part in Echo Taps.  A slightly darker, mellower tone quality when compared to the Bájoc “Solo” Bugle.

Further specs of the Bájoc “Echo” Bugle include:

  • Bájoc Signature Series rim
  • Deep, V-shaped cup depth
  • .1570″ (#22 approx.) throat diameter
  • Bájoc “Bugle” backbore
  • Comes with both cornet & trumpet shank options
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In the Bájoc Signature Series line of brass mouthpieces, we offer a wide variety of designs and models that can benefit high brass players in any performance situation.  We also offer custom-designed mouthpieces made to certain specifications—for customers looking for the “perfect fit”.  At Bájoc Music, our products can take your performance to the next level.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm
Shank Type

Cornet, Trumpet

Mouthpiece Rim Size

Echo 1.25 — .675", Echo 1.5 — .670", Echo 2 — .665", Echo 3 — .660"


Silver-plated brass, SLA resin


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