Bájoc “Harmonic Waterkey Plugs”

Proprietarily designed, the Bájoc Harmonic Waterkey Plugs were made to eliminate nodal tone disruptions and allow proper nodal tone frequencies to flow smoothly inside the slide crook and/or body tube and over the waterkey dispensary.

  • It features a brass plug that sits in the waterkey cup and has a brass stem that fills the inside section of the waterkey dispensary.  This results in lever waterkey assemblies responding acoustically similar to push-button waterkey assemblies.
  • The waterkey plug, when effectively seated into the waterkey cup, acts as a harmonic balancer weight while allowing for the plug's stem to fill the empty chamber space inside the waterkey dispensary.
  • The purpose of making the waterkey plug out of brass is to avoid causing adverse distortions and suppression of the instrument's natural resonance—which can occur from having a full rubber or full cork material.
  • What allows for an effective seal of the plug onto the waterkey dispensary is the use of a "Gummi Kork" O-ring that is inlaid flush onto the beveled lower base of the plug’s stem—to prevent any air leakage from coming out of the slide crook and/or body tubing.


The results of effectively “plugging” the waterkey dispensary are:

  • Having an even flow and distribution of nodal tones throughout the general section of tubing; and
  • Having a true, balanced response and resistance to the player when sounding the instrument.


Available Waterkey Plug Size Options

  • Size Option #1 Besson (Sovereign/Prestige), Jupiter XO, Kanstul, UMI (King Silver Flair, Benge Leonore 90B, C.G. Conn Vintage One, etc.), Yamaha (short waterkey pip)
  • Size Option #2 Bach Stradivarius/Omega (main tuning slide ONLY), Eastman (Euphoniums), Willson (Euphoniums), Yamaha (tall waterkey pip)
  • Size Option #3 Adams, B&S, CarolBrass, Eclipse, F.E. Olds (standard [not side-lever action] waterkey assemblies ONLY), Schilke (all available series), S.E. Shires (Trumpets, etc.), VanLaar
  • Size Option #4 Bach Stradivarius/Omega (3rd and 4th [Piccolo] valve slide ONLY), S.E. Shires ("Q Series" Euphoniums, etc.)


*** Please Note:  The waterkey assembly may need to be adjusted by a technician to properly fit the Harmonic Waterkey Plug(s) if OEM waterkey parts were made and installed with a faulty alignment. ***

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments to see if your waterkey is compatible with the Bájoc Harmonic Waterkey Plugs!

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