Bájoc “Ergonomic Valve Guides” (EVGs)

An innovative valve guide design intended to utilize the current construction of a modern trumpet/cornet piston with a unique, external valve guide concept that generates smooth, consistent valve action.

What makes up the Ergonomic Valve Guide (EVG) is:

  • A guiding piece that fits into the spring barrel valve guide—either made of black ABS resin or solid titanium.
  • A brass, nickel-plated bottom ring designed to fit over the outside diameter of the spring barrel.
  • A brass, nickel-plated top ring designed to fasten in between the top of the spring barrel and the underside of the OEM valve stem.
  • A coated high-carbon steel valve spring that is durable to oils and condensation and seats in between the top and bottom EVG rings.

The focus of this new valve guide design is to minimize valve disruptions or inefficiencies that are normally initiated on the inside of the pistons’ spring barrels.  These defects are mainly due to OEM valve guides being made of poor tolerances and quality materials.  This results in upstroke “catches” or valve “hiccups,” and does not permit players to maximize the full capability of their instrument.


The Bájoc Ergonomic Valve Guides were made to:

  • Eliminate valve catching issues that take place inside of the spring barrel;
  • Improve vertical and rotational valve alignment thus reducing porting and airflow disruptions; and
  • Ensure the valve is able to move freely and yet quietly* while utilizing the EVGs.

*Quietly is being used as a general term here since each player has a different approach to what "quiet" valve action sounds like.

Available Brands & Models:

  • B&S — All Challenger I/II and X-Line Series Trumpets, Cornets, and Flügelhorns (only Model 3145)
  • Bach — 170, 180, and 190 Series (Apollo, Stradivarius, Omega) Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos and Flügelhorns
  • B.A.C. Custom — Any Artist, Handcraft, or Custom Series B.A.C. trumpet with Wuqiang Jiahua valves only (NEW!)
  • Bauerfeind — VanLaar & Adams Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos (from Adams), and Flügelhorns (except Adams F5)
  • Benge (L.A. & UMI) — All trumpet, cornet, and flügelhorn models (L.A. and UMI era)
  • Besson/B&H & York (Schreiber-Keilwerth, German) — Sovereign & Prestige Series Cornets; Preference & Eminence Series Cornets [Besson/B&H: 2001–2005; York: ~2006–2010 (NEW!)
  • Besson (Buffet-Crampon, German) — Sovereign & Prestige Series Cornets and Tenor Horns [post-2011] (NEW!)
  • F.E. Olds (Old-Style) — All trumpet & cornet models with old-style valve guides (Los Angeles-era)
  • F.E. Olds (New-Style) — All trumpet & cornet models with new-style valve guides (Fullerton-era)
  • Hoxon-Gakki — CarolBrass, Eclipse, Thane (Standard Series) & similar
  • J. Meinlschmidt — Lotus, Thane (Performance Series), Böhme & similar
  • Jupiter XO — 1600I, 1602[LTR], 1604, 1624, 1700
  • Kanstul (Old-Style) — All OEM Series Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos, and Flügelhorns (except Model 1025), with 2-slotted valve casings (Smith-Watkins, early Blackburn, and some B.A.C. included); includes x3 new valve stems (+$10), required to properly fit EVGs to this type of piston (NEW!)
  • Kanstul (New-Style) — All OEM Series Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos, and Flügelhorns (except Model 1025), with 1-slotted valve casings
  • Martin — All Committee and Imperial [Deluxe, Handcraft, Standard] trumpet and cornet models (between 140,000 - 210,000)
  • Schilke — All Series Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos, and Flügelhorns (early-make Schilkes may vary)
  • S.E. Shires — All Series Trumpets, Cornets, and Piccolos (except BRAVO Series)
  • Spiri — All Weiner Spiri & daCarbo Trumpets and Piccolos
  • Stomvi — All Series Trumpets, Cornets, Piccolos, and Flügelhorns
  • UMI — King (“Silver Flair” [2055], “Legend” (2020, 2070), 2220SP, 1117, “System Blue” Series) & C.G. Conn (“Vintage One” [1B, 1B50C, 1FR], 51B, 52B)
  • Yamaha — All Pro Series Trumpets, Cornets, and Piccolos with valve stems that have a Short base (“Old Style” and “New Style” valve stems) or Tall base (“New Style”—both solid & center-cut valve stems)