Looking for a custom Bájoc mouthpiece made to your specifications?  At Bájoc Music, we can design a mouthpiece made to fit your lips and embouchure using Vennture's VennCAD software.

Prototyping your design is easy, quick, and very affordable using state-of-the-art SLA 3D printing technology.  A great alternative if you need an affordable backup mouthpiece, or are looking for a mouthpiece that can withstand colder temperatures!

You can order as many SLA 3D printed mouthpiece prototypes as you want, starting at $35 each print (plus S&H), before settling on the final metal design.

Custom Bájoc mouthpieces, starting at $200 each (plus S&H), can be ordered with different blank design/weight and finish options (additional costs may apply for extra materials and services):

  • Polished gold-plate finish (Note: polished silver-plate is stock option)
  • Bead-blasted silver-plate or gold-plate finish, OR bead-blasted with light tumble buff silver-plate or gold-plate finish
  • Heavyweight or lightweight blanks
  • Top section threaded for screw rim (+$50)

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a mouthpiece design consultation (starting at $25).