Bájoc Custom Leadpipes

Bájoc Custom Leadpipes have been designed by Jacob to meet the needs of players looking to improve the sound and response of their Bb or C trumpet.  All components are manufactured and assembled in the USA!

These leadpipes come in 0.020" gauge yellow brass with a polished, uncoated finish and a BÁJOC® engraved brass mouthpiece receiver (gap set to 0.125" of an inch).

Total length of the Bb pipe is 9.250" (without receiver).  Total length of the C pipe is 7.500" (without receiver)


Other custom options are available upon request for an additional cost:

  • Different leadpipe material — standard yellow brass (0.023"), heavy yellow brass (0.025"), gold brass, commercial bronze, nickel-silver, or sterling silver
  • Different leadpipe finish — uncoated scratch-brush, lacquered (polished or scratch-brushed), silver-plated, gold-plated
  • Engraved nickel-silver mouthpiece receiver
  • Include OEM replacement main tuning slide upper-outer tube