My Story

We all are on different paths that have developed into our own unique, musical journey—growing, changing, and always learning new things from other people and their experiences.

When you read my story, you may find some common experiences with your own.  I hope that one day, our paths will cross.

Hello, my name is Jacob Hoskins...

I have developed years of experience in the field of high brass musical instruments where I have become engaged in the technical design, quality, and overall performance of the trumpet. I have also been keen on the trumpet in the performing arts, the audio engineering industry, and in music business management.

Outside of operating Bájoc Music full-time, I am also employed full-time as the brass shop manager, brass technician, and trumpet specialist at Meridian Winds—located in Okemos, MI.

As a trumpet player and an innovator in the music business, I am incredibly passionate about serving trumpet players who struggle with or hope to improve their equipment.

I strive to offer equipment and tools for trumpet players that will fulfill their performance needs, as well as provide quick and easy access to articles and information that I have found helpful throughout my musical career.


Finding the Right Equipment

Since the beginning of my trumpet-playing career, I have been searching for equipment that would simplify my trumpet-playing needs.  The start of this search to find suitable equipment early on in my life was my initial concern. It consisted of my finding well-fitted mouthpieces from convenient brands, as well as finding trumpets that were made with a high sufficiency of quality and performance.

I spent a lot of time reading, analyzing, and discovering some of the most iconic trumpets and mouthpieces made from the 20th century and up to the present day during this search. I was always attentive to the pros’ preferences for trumpet and mouthpiece design; and for some, they were only able to achieve this towards the end of their trumpet-playing careers—or even towards the end of their lives.

I exerted myself to overcome and replace these trumpet-playing complications with satisfying solutions in hopes of being able to offer you an assurance of absolute functionality.

My Goal

This hope led to my overall goal: to assist trumpet players by offering quality products and services that will result in their peace of mind when playing the trumpet.  My goal was to always have a horn that responds directly to how I want it to sound and to perform.

To be able to play the trumpet and express my musicality and emotions with ease—not to fight the instrument in order to achieve the aforementioned.  To have a lineup of mouthpieces that made it effortless, easy, and—more predominantly—comfortable to play the trumpet in any musical setting or environment.

I strive for these things to achieve the enjoyment and delight that I have in playing the trumpet, and I most certainly want you to feel the same.