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Jacob —

Your work on my grandfather's [1915 Conn "New Wonder"] cornet was truly beautiful; the restoration really brought out the beauty of this instrument.  It truly meant a lot to me to see the cornet restored and in such wonderful condition.

Thanks so much for your attention to detail in this restoration!

All best wishes,

Tom S.

The new EVGs for my Kanstul 1525 flugel work great.

The pictures Jacob sent to make the installation clearer really helped.  I just played a concert with these modifications and the valves worked very well.  They are quieter than before, and faster than before due to the outside springs.  The rotational alignment is much better now.

Matt Finley
Multi-instrumentalist, Jazz Composer, & Performer

I sent two Bb trumpets to Jake Hoskins at Bájoc Music: 2018 Eclipse Enigma Bb trumpet and 2002 Bach 43. Both needed some alignment adjustments done with their 3rd slides, but the main work was to have MAW valves installed in the Bach and to have Jake’s EVGs (Ergonomic Valve Guides) installed on each MAW valve. Everything turned out great!
I had purchased the Bach 43 used about 18 months before, knew that the valves had some slight wear, and could tell that they weren’t consistently “returning” to the “up” position as quickly as they should. I have MAW valves in two other horns, so I was accustomed to them and knew that I wanted them in this Bach. However, I believe the EVGs will really make a big difference over time with a consistent “return” to the “up” position. They are essentially a similar design to the (outer) springs in many vintage horns, like in my two Olds (Super & Recording) and my Buescher 400. Those who are familiar with those models know that they have excellent valves, which have reportedly performed consistently in thousands of horns for decades. A large part of that, I think, is due to the valve springs being placed on the outside of each spring barrel. This is the purpose of the Bájoc EVGs, and I plan on having them installed in some of my other horns soon.
Kudos to Jake for his excellent work with all of my requests and especially for his EVGs, an ingenious alternative to traditional inner springs being moved to the outside of the spring barrels!
Dan Shipman, D.M.A.
Houston Freelance Trumpeter & Musician Contractor
TUTS Orchestra since 1992
HBU Brass Instructor, 2003-2014
Houston Bach Vespers Orch, Prin. Tpt., 1990-2005
ROCO, Prin. Tpt., 2005-09

[The EVGs] are really excellent for anyone thinking about it! Jacob Hoskins did a fantastic job with these.

I have a set on a horn built around a CarolBrass valve block.  The valves were great already but the EVGs make a noticeable improvement in valve action.

In comparison to the EVGs, the original guides and springs (replaced a month ago) feel soft.  The EVGs also smoothed out the valve action...something I didn't have a complaint about before but now if I have the stock guides in all I do is notice.

Frank Huber
F. Huber Music | Brooklyn, NY

After reading about these and watching Jake's video, it made me wonder if the "sandy" feeling was from the springs rubbing inside the barrel of the valve. I ordered a set of three EVGs from Bajoc Music's website. Turned out Jake happened to be coming through Grand Rapids where I live today so he actually dropped them off at my house, great to meet him and chat with him for a couple of minutes.

The kit is very well put together with everything clearly labeled and laid out. I dropped them into [my Schilke S42] this afternoon after reviewing Jake's installation video and they are frankly amazing. Valves are quieter and most importantly, the feel is buttery smooth. Reminds me of the valves on my Getzen flugel which are probably my favorite valves out of all of my horns. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has a horn they play and like but has that "sandy" feel to the valves!

Jonathan Karnes

I just installed my EVGs today on my brand-new Schilke HC2 and wow—it's a pretty crazy transformation! No spring noise at all, and the feel of the valves is totally smooth. For some reason, I couldn't get these valves to feel right to me after trying different things. The EVGs got the job done for me and then some.

If you're unhappy with your valve action, the EVGs are a no-brainer and are very affordable.

Here is a video that compares the EVG to the factory valve setup!


Jake worked on my trumpet, installing a new leadpipe, applying a custom finish to match the rest of the horn (it really does look OEM), and installing EVGs and a Harmonic Waterkey Plug. Superb work. The end result is a wonderfully playing instrument with smooth and reliable valves. Overall, very happy with the service and highly recommended!

Wilbert Pérez

Had a chance to meet Jacob at ITG. Very smart, and makes incredible stuff. He's going to be a major player in the trumpet world for quite some time.

Tom Brown
Monster Oil, LLC | New London, CT

After a few days with the [Bájoc Harmonic Waterkey Plug], you can definitely put me down as an endorsement.  This thing is great at tuning up the horn.

Jacob Wisenbach
Freelance Trumpeter
Midland, MI

Hi, Jacob!  I bought the Lead 3 from you some weeks ago, and I have to say, it is by far the best mouthpiece I have played.  The rim, sound, and intonation are perfect; and even when I’m tired, I can pop out some nice high G’s and F’s.

I visited another pro this weekend and he uses [EUR brand of mouthpieces] exclusively, but loved your Lead 3 piece and it seriously kicked the [EUR brand of mouthpiece]'s butt!  He will order one for himself and a Pops 3 for me, as well—I'm very curious about that one! 

Soon, Bájoc will be on every Norwegian trumpeter's lips 🎺😜 You make great stuff, Jacob! 😃

Jon Petter Gonzalez Lindberg
Freelance Trumpeter
Fredrikstad, Norway


Thank you so much for restoring the valve function in my favorite horn.  I have tried everything to get my valves to not stick and have resorted to trying other horns to replace my beloved Marcinkiewicz, but none compare.  The original valves were the quietest I’ve experienced and the EVG springs are still silent.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.  Best wishes and continued success!
Alan Ochiai

Hello Jake,

The EVGs were easy to install with the instruction video—the valves are much better responding now.  I am very glad that my Kanstul 1525 flugelhorn is working properly again!  Thank you for your help and great work!

Kind regards,

Petra Zijlstra
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